German Santiago Linares Ramirez

High quality data, now automatic

The Mapillary API is the first step towards automating data collection through automated image recognition and image segmentation. We use this data in GOAT to improve the data basis of our analyses.

Testing innovative data collection approaches

How does the GOAT-team come to a project for on-street delivery robots? Of course, we share the same walking and cycling environment. We used a prototype measuring box to automatically detect and collect surface and smoothness information of road infrastructure.

New feature: OSM Mapping Mode

We love OPEN SOURCE! It is the heart and soul of GOAT since its start. Driven by this enthusiasm, we have created a new feature in GOAT that provides mapping challenges, encouraging users to participate in the OSM project and fill the data gaps.

Covering Fürstenfeldbruck with Mapillary

Data, data, and more data! While working on the mFund project to bring GOAT’s features to the municipality of Fürstenfeldbruck, we have been looking for available information from many sources to accomplish the objectives.