Startup Award at Smart Country Convention

Great news! Plan4Better received the Smart Country Startup Award in the category “Smart City” at the Smart Country Convention by Bitkom in Berlin.

Project WALKIE successfully completed

The WALKIE project has successfully reached every milestone! GOAT was transferred to Freiburg and extended to include new indicators: a walkability index and potential pedestrian flows.

Innovation Contest by the City of Munich

We are happy to announce that we received the Munich Innovation Award for the category of “Emission-free Mobility in Munich” from the City of Munich.

Hackathon: Development of a Walkability Index

We are one of the lucky winners of the MobiData BW Hackathon, where we developed “WALKIE” – a prototypic walkability index and an algorithm to calculate potential pedestrian flows. We will continue the development in a 3-month innovation phase.

Let's plan a balanced future together!

We are absolutely certain that new directions of our work are necessary to boost the development and application of GOAT. To build more sustainable cities and regions worldwide, we founded our start-up and chose a self-explanatory name: Plan4Better!

Release 1.0

We are happy to announce that we successfully launched version GOAT1.0. Therefore, we are one step closer to our goal of GOAT becoming a useful planning instrument to shape livable communities.

New feature: OSM Mapping Mode

We love OPEN SOURCE! It is the heart and soul of GOAT since its start. Driven by this enthusiasm, we have created a new feature in GOAT that provides mapping challenges, encouraging users to participate in the OSM project and fill the data gaps.

Additional walkability analyses

In order to create livable cities and shape a more sustainable mobility, it is crucial to focus on walkable environments. However, the quality of the infrastructure depends highly on the individual.

Development path of GOAT

GOAT is by far not where we would like it to be. Apart from the on-going professionalization which is seen as crucial to provide a truly useful and stable accessibility instrument, additional features will be implemented on a regular basis.