GOAT is a transferable and highly flexible tool that can be deployed for different use cases. Here are all live versions that are currently maintained as demo versions. Depending on the purpose of the version, different analysis options are available.
map[de:München en:Munich]


Munich is our home-base! This version of GOAT is usually the most up-to-date.
map[de:Fürstenfeldbruck en:Fürstenfeldbruck]


This version of GOAT is a custom version for the municipality of Fürstenfeldbruck near Munich.
map[de:Bogotá en:Bogotá]


Bogota is our first trial in Latin-America and was developed in a Master thesis project. Special attention was given on customizing GOAT to the local context.
map[de:Freising en:Freising]


This version of GOAT is an individualized version for the city of Freising.
map[de:Freiburg en:Freiburg]


This version was developed within the MobiDataBW innovation phase and contains new walkability analysis.
map[de:San Pedro Garza García en:San Pedro Garza García]

San Pedro Garza García

This is an experimental version that was developed within a master thesis project at TUM. The main aim was to test innovative data fusion strategies.
map[de:Hasenbergl-Lerchenau en:Hasenbergl-Lerchenau]


This version was developed within a master thesis project at TUM and contains detailed analysis options on walkability.