Getting market-ready with XPRENEURS Incubator

We are part of batch #10 of the incubator program XPRENEURS by UnternehmerTUM. Here, we’ll explain in more detail how the program works and what goals we have set for ourselves.
By David Bozanovic
Getting market-ready with XPRENEURS Incubator
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Incubator Program XPRENEURS

We are part of batch #10 of the incubator program XPRENEURS by UnternehmerTUM. Here, we’ll explain in more detail how the program works and what goals we have set for ourselves.

Program and aim of XPRENEURS

XPRENEURS is a program to support technology-based start-ups on their way to market. During the three-month program, XPRENEURS helps the start-ups with the validation of business models, and the generation of initial sales and funding, among other things.

The kick-off was combined with a cool hike and overnight stay at the Priener Hütte at Geigelstein near Chiemgau, where all teams and coaches got to know each other while being in nature and participating in numerous pitching games.

Figure 1. Kick-off event at Priener Hütte

After the kick-off, each team was assigned a coach, depending on their stage, needs and the area in which their start-up operates, with whom they meet with every two weeks, discuss the work of the last two weeks and set new milestones for the next meeting. In addition to the coach, each team is supported by one or more external mentors who are experts in the industry and, through their years of experience, can provide further specific support on various issues.

Three weeks after the kick-off, the first of three so-called XCONNECT events took place, where all 11 start-ups presented themselves in a 2-minute pitch and communicated their goals for XPRENEURS to the mentors, coaches and potential investors present. Afterwards, there was a successful networking event with a glass of wine or two.

Figure 2. XCONNECT networking event at Munich Urban Colab

What makes XPRENEURS so special is the incredible network that is made available to the start-ups. The network includes investors, founders, lawyers, consultants and many other experts from various industries. Some of these experts hold workshops on specific topics several times a week and are also often available for 1-on-1 sessions for the teams afterwards. During the workshops, topics such as sales, law, funding, and team building, are explained in more detail. To enhance networking, the XPRENEURS team also organizes other networking events in addition to the XCONNECT events, such as an investor dinner at the Löwenbräukeller or a poker night for the teams.

The exchange with the other start-ups is also a huge benefit of the program. Every few weeks, an XCHANGE event takes place, where tips and tricks are exchanged in a relaxed atmosphere.

The 3-month program ends with a Demo Day, where all start-ups present their final pitches to a broad audience of potential investors and customers and show how well they have developed in the last three months.

Goals we have set for XPRENEURS

By winning the Innovation Award of the City of Munich in the category “Emission-free mobility in Munich”, we won a wildcard for an incubator program of our choice. As we had already applied for XPRENEURS in advance, we decided to join this program right away. In addition to the benefits already mentioned, XPRENEURS also offers office space in the newly built Munich Urban Colab in the heart of Munich, in which we also moved in at the start of the program.

We want to use XPRENEURS to optimize our existing business model and develop a targeted sales strategy. In addition, we want to exchange ideas with like-minded founders and connect with valuable contacts.

With our coach Leo we have broken down our goals into smaller milestones and can therefore approach them iteratively. Among other things, we have already hired new team members and revised our pricing strategy. We are looking forward to our next milestones that we will reach together with XPRENEURS and would like to thank all participants, coaches and mentors for their support. Special thanks go to our coach Dr. Juan Leonardo Martínez and our two mentors Bernd Bäzner and Martin Johann Fröhlich for their active support.

See you at the Demo Day!

David Bozanovic
David Bozanovic
Working Student

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