Our move to WERK1

We’ve moved - from Munich Urban Colab to WERK1! The new office is located in Munich’s Werksviertel: There, we have great walking accessibility to public transport and numerous lunch options.
By Sophie Meining
Our move to WERK1
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The surrounding area: The Munich Werksviertel

Our new office is based in Munich’s Werksviertel - centrally located near Munich East railway station and the perfect place for start-ups. In addition to being a center for digital business and innovation, the Werksviertel also offers space for creativity, culture, social engagement and leisure. We are particularly excited about the focus on sustainable urban development, as the Werksviertel combines converted industrial buildings and new construction.

Pedestrian zone at Werksviertel

Figure 1: Our walk to the office through the Werksviertel

This week we were able to move into our office in WERK1, “the start-up friendliest place in Munich”. We are very happy that we now have our own space as Plan4Better to work together on our planning software GOAT and other exciting projects.

Goodbye, Colab

With every new beginning comes a farewell: We are leaving the Munich Urban Colab and therefore have to say goodbye to our Colab friends, especially the XPRENEURS team. The Munich Urban Colab has given us a lot of room for innovation, the development of our start-up and good conversations. Thanks to everyone for the great time!

Accessibility of the WERK1

Of course, we already checked the accessibility from WERK1 in GOAT. Despite the large rail axis at Munich East, the area has good connectivity for walking and biking. Our daily commute to the office, passing many stores, restaurants and event venues, leads through a delightful pedestrian zone. We are also optimally connected to public transportation through the Munich East railway station.

15-Min-City Map

Figure 2: How far we can get within a 15-minute walk from WERK1.

We are excited about working at Werk1 and look forward to your visit. The coffee machine is already set up!

Sophie Meining
Sophie Meining
Working Student

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