Our work retreat in Side

In October, we had a great time on our first work retreat to Turkey. Since our team is currently working in 5 different countries, this was a great opportunity to meet us in person.
By Elias Pajares
Our work retreat in Side
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Growing team

Over the summer, Plan4Better grew to 11 great team members. Since our office is based in Munich, we usually only see each other via webcam. Pretty quickly we had the idea to organize a retreat. It is important for us to get to know each other better and to work together on our vision for Plan4Better. With the help of our two Turkish colleagues Dilan and Irem we decided to meet in Side.

Trip to Turkey

Our trip started on Monday from our different home countries. We finished the first evening with a dinner together in the hotel.

For the week we had planned several working sessions to work on our common visions and strategies. This is exactly what we did in several workshops during our trip. Working together in sunny Turkey was a bonus!

A big highlight of our retreat was our rafting trip through the Köprülü canyon, followed by a walk through the ancient city of Side. We ended the week with further work sessions before leaving on Friday.

Plan4better team - Rafting at Köprülü canyon

Big thank you!

Big “Thank you” to Ana, Dilan, Ebubeker, Irem, Majk, Mohammad, Philipp, Sina, Sophie and Ulrike for being part of our amazing team! We hope to see you again soon!

Elias Pajares
Elias Pajares

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