Selected References

Deerfield Beach - GOAT Subscription

With the GOAT subscription, planners in the City of Deerfield Beach (Florida) conduct accessibility analyses for a variety of planning issues.

Freiburg - GOAT Subscription

With the GOAT subscription, planners from the City of Freiburg and the local transport provider produce accessibility analyses for a wide range of planning issues.

Calculation of public transport quality classes in Germany

In order to assess the quality of public transport services, public transport quality classes were calculated for a German federal state.

Innovation Phase Munich

GOAT was used by the City of Munich to carry out analyses around the 15-minute city.

Walkability Analyses Istanbul

GIS-based accessibility and walkability analyses were carried out as a planning basis for the redesign of six neighbourhoods in Istanbul.

GOAT 1.0

Development of new GOAT functionalities for walking and cycling in a co-creative process with the Cities of Fürstenfeldbruck, Freising and Munich.


As part of an innovation project, a Walkability Index was developed to show pedestrian friendliness for the pilot municipality of Freiburg and used for school route planning.

San Pedro Garza García - Mexico

As part of a pilot study, GOAT was applied to San Pedro Garza García in Mexico and contributed to the urban pedestrian master plan.