Upload of custom POI-data

Description of the feature

In GOAT, a dataset with a variety of Points-of-Interest (POIs) is already provided by default. If you wish to integrate further POI data sets into GOAT, you can do so via the “Upload” function. A total of 500 MB of storage space is available to each user for this purpose.

Step-by-step instructions for uploading your own Point of Interest data sets

  1. Click on “User Data Upload” in the right menu.
Data Upload
  1. Prepare the POI data as a GeoJSON file. Templates for this are available in the interface. If you want to upload multiple POI categories (e.g. youth centres, bikesharing stations), then create a separate file for each category (i.e. in this example a GeoJSON file with the youth centres and a GeoJSON with the bikesharing stations).

  2. Click on the plus symbol.

  1. Select the POI category of the dataset. You can either choose one of the predefined categories or create your own.
Select POI category
  1. Click on “Browse your files”.
Upload file
  1. Select the file from your local folder and upload it.
Datei auswählen
  1. The uploaded data set is now listed in your file manager and can be activated via the slider.
Data manager
  1. Switch to the menu “Filter Thematic Data”, there your new data set is marked with a green dot. By clicking the checkbox, the layer is loaded into the map and you can see your uploaded data.
Filter thematic data