Tool Face Overview

This section provides an overview of the GOAT interface and it’s functionalities. There are several tabs, menu actions, icons and toolbars for the user to access GOAT’s various functions and configuration screens.

User Interface ItemLabelUsage
isochrone tab"Isochrones" TabHere you can find the different options for calculating isochrones.
indicator tab"Indicators" TabHere, you are finding all our indicators, such as the heatmaps on connectivity, local accessibility and population density.
otherlayers tab"Other Layers" TabIn this panel, you can switch on and off different layers, such as environmental data, buildings and land use. You can also integrate your own external layers from geoportals.
options tabIsochrone OptionsHere, you can adjust the routing options and travel speed for the isochrone calculation.
indicator tabIsochrone ToolIn this tab, you can switch between single and multi isochrones and start the calculation.
results tabIsochrone ResultsHere, the result of the calculation for the isochrones can be found. Furthermore, the isochrone styling and travel time can dynamically be adjusted.
search icon
SearchSearch for an specific address inside the study area.
full screen icon
Open Full ScreenEnter Full Screen Mode.
area icon
Area MeasurementTo measure an area, draw a polygon inside the study area. It's possible to add as many vertices as needed. To finish the drawn area double click on the last vertice or click on the first vertice. The area is displayed on the map in square kilometers.
length icon
Length measurementConduct linear measurements within the study area. The length is displayed on the map in kilometers.
mapilary icon
Mapillary ImageryThe Mapillary integration allows to explore the study area through street level images.
user icon
User SettingIn this menu, you can find all user settings, i.e. the study area, the language (English/German), your status of internal data usage, and your status of saved scenarios. Furthermore, you can contact the support here.
upload icon
User Data Upload / File ManagerHere, you can upload your own Point-of-Interest datasets and manage the uploaded files.
thematic icon
Thematic Data FilterIn this section, you can select which Point-of-Interests shall be shown in the map.
scenario icon
Draw scenarioHere, you can manage and view your created scenarios as well as create new scenarios.
print icon
PrintVia this function, you can print the map as PDF or PNG.
about icon
AboutInformation about GOAT, the used data sets and licenses.