• Equipped with a plethora of data
  • Integration of urban and transport planning
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Open Source
  • Training completed within one morning
„An excellent tool for data-driven, modern urban and mobility planning for ambitious 15-minute cities.“​ Michael Bauder, City of Freiburg
„GOAT is a very good tool for calculating and visualising accessibility in transport and urban planning.“​ Attila Lüttmerding, Head of Mobility Data Unit, Department of Mobility, City of Munich
„GOAT has decisive advantages for environmentally sound urban, local and spatial planning because it includes the user perspective from the outset and does not represent the expert view first. This is new!“​ Dr. Johannes Gnädinger, Prof. Schaller UmweltConsult GmbH
„A trend-setting support for the implementation of the 15-minute city“​ Jonas Bellingrodt, Department of Urban Planning and Environment, City of Freising
„In Fürstenfeldbruck, GOAT is used in urban and transport planning and is a great help for accessibility analyses on walking and cycling."​ Dr. Montserrat Miramontes, Mobilitätsmanagerin, Stadt Fürstenfeldbruck
„GOAT brings great added value to answering complex planning problems in the mobility sector through intuitive and fast analyses with visually appealing and easy-to-understand results."​ Shravan Shinde, Bereich Konzeption & Consulting, Münchner Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund GmbH

The tool for integrated urban and transport planning

With GOAT, we offer a planning software that allows you to easily assess the current situation with the help of accessibility analyzes and to evaluate new concepts and projects, such as the construction of new infrastructure or facilities (e.g. kindergarten, bike sharing station).

Discover GOAT subscription

Processing of complex data

GOAT is equipped with a plethora of complex spatial data. The GOAT subscription includes points of interest, buildings, population data, land use, environmental data and various background maps. In addition, you can easily integrate your own data sets.


Fact-based accessibility analyses

GOAT not only increases efficiency, but the fact-based analyzes also support decision-making and investment processes that have often been subjective up to now.


GOAT Subscription

The GOAT subscription allows you to compose GOAT individually, tailored to your needs. Pricing is based on the selected area and number of inhabitants. Can be booked from as little as 3,000 € / year excl. VAT.

Choose Area Size
Choose Area Size
Municipality - County - Transport Association - ...

Choose your desired area for GOAT. The pricing depends on the number of residents.

Select Modules
Select Modules
Walking & Cycling - Public Transport - Car

Each module allows you to perform accessibility analyses of the current state for the selected modes of transport (walking, cycling, public transport and/or car), regardless of the functions selected.

Choose Number of Users
Choose Number of Users

By default, two user are included in the price. If you would like to use GOAT in a team, you are welcome to add more users.

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Test all functionalities in our demo version.


Explore previous projects and applications of GOAT.


Videos for a quick start. Here the functions of GOAT are demonstrated exemplarily.


Explanation of the GOAT functionalities and step-by-step guidelines for using GOAT.


Answers to the most frequently asked questions about GOAT.


Technical documentation on the indicators and the data basis.

More services

We are happy to support you in the best possible implementation of your project through:​ Workshops and training courses, implementation of individual functions (e.g. wheelchair accessibility check, school route check)​, WebGIS-development ​and consulting services.

Product Beratung

Product Beratung