What is GOAT? 

Geo Open Accessibility Tool, or simply GOAT, is an open-source web tool, that is interactive, flexible, and practical for accessibility planning. Currently, GOAT is capable of modeling walking and cycling accessibility and is designed to serve as a suitable instrument for easier, better, and more open transport and urban planning.
What is GOAT? 

What are the main features?

The main focus of GOAT is to offer dynamic accessibility analysis at street-, neighborhood-, and district-level. GOAT enables you to calculate different accessibility indicators, such as isochrones and gravity-based heatmaps. What is special about GOAT is that you can develop your own case scenarios.
What are the main features?

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Here you can find our demo versions of GOAT. They are frequently enhanced with new features and up-to-date data.


Videos for a quick start. Here the functions of GOAT are demonstrated exemplarily.


Explanation of the individual functions of GOAT and step-by-step guides for answering typical planning questions.


Detailed information on the technical background and guidance for participation in our open source projects.